OK I don’t know what’s worse, having my photo taken or having to write a whole page of great things about myself..

The classic question to ask me is what sort of style is my photography? I aim to create natural and romantic photographs that are unique to each couple and their personalities. I love nature and the great outdoors! So you’ll usually find me shooting in woods, fields or the countryside!

I regularly swap these english countrysides to explore the rest of the world and photograph different cultures and meet new people along the way!

One of the main reasons I love travelling is to improve my portrait photography! I have a whole other website for portraits around the world (check it: HERE)

Don’t worry though.. I scrub up well

That was us at the Guides For Brides 2019 Customer Service Awards where we were CHUFFED to win finalist for the second time! That’s Shannon on the right who is in charge of all the wedding films! (she’s great)

OK so one of the main bits of great feedback I get from past couples is that I made them feel relaxed, I’m pretty laid back in my approach but I ensure every little moment is captured!

People always ask me if I love working at weddings and while they are stressful, while they are a lot of pressure.. I absolutely love them! I’m a sucker for a good love story and there’s always AT LEAST one moment at every wedding where I sit back and i’m like ‘aw’ (and maybe shed a lil tear).

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