HELP! I hate having my photo taken! Tips from a Wedding Photographer

Okay okay so first thing’s first.. who DOES like having their photograph taken? Let’s exclude the Kardashians in this and think about how many times you’ve heard a friend or family member be fussy about their ‘bad side’, the flash or their wandering eye.. I’ve been photographing people, predominantly weddings for over 5 years now and I haven’t met many people who I can say feel and look comfortable when having their photograph taken.. So, I am going to give you a few tips to hopefully feel more relaxed and to get yourself looking how you want to look in those wedding photographs.


It wouldn’t be the first time that i’ve seen someone so nervous about having their photo’s taken that they have clenched their fist or had it waving in the air.. If you’re wearing a suit, boys and girls in suits if you don’t have a drink in your hand to hold, put your arms round each other or put them in your pockets, hey have one hand in your pocket and the other touching the best man’s shoulder (don’t be immature you are grown adults!). If you are wearing a dress, you may have a bouquet to hold on to and you shouldn’t have a problem, if you don’t then go for the classic hand on the hip- it makes arms look thinner and when done right can be a very elegant pose. Alternatively, grab for dear life onto the arm of another family member until the pain is over.BENNETT236


I’m not talking mafia here but everyone’s more confident with their friends around right? If it’s time for photo’s grab some of your best friends and get a bit silly! My favourite photo’s are those that include natural smiles with people who genuinely get along and have a great time.

Sam Bennett Wedding Photography Banbury


Option one.. How about not having to worry about awkwardly posing for photo’s that you’re traditionally supposed to do in a traditional way with the traditional family members? How about the photographs not being a major part of the day and not even noticing the photographer is there? This style is only offered by some photographers and only some can do it justice. As long as your guests are aware and they’re not ‘cheese’ing every time the camera is pulled out then those special family moments will be captured, all those special people will be in the photo’s and no time will be taken up.



When looking through the hundreds of wedding photographers that you come across these days you need to make sure that you can feel comfortable around your photographer. It’s so easy to like someone’s work yet not feel a connection on the day, stopping you from getting what you want. So be sure to have a chat before hand, ask some questions about how they work, tell them things about yourselves..  _MG_2281


So I understand this ones a bit tricky.. When someone lift’s a camera up at your face it’s hard to be genuinely happy and not go army style stiff. Just try and remember, forget about your ‘bad side’ and that spot that’stypically appeared on your face on the morning of your wedding day, your photographer is most likely experienced on what looks good and how to edit out a spot! Don’t forget, you have top professionals there and tailored dresses and suits, you’re going to look the best version of you!Sam Bennett Photography Wedding Banbury


Alright I get it you’re not ones for PDA.. that’s no problem! But you’re going to have to help me out here.. I can’t make it look like your wedding day if you are acting like you’ve never met! If you don’t want any sloppy kiss photo’s then at least have a cuddle, hold each other close and whisper some funny things to each other to make each other feel comfortable. The couple photo’s will probably be your first moments together as husband and wife! Sam Bennett Wedding Photography Banbury

One more thing, I hate having my picture taken!

Sam Bennett